10 Ways I Would Rather Spend $1,500

I had hoped that by the time I was almost 40 money wouldn’t be such an issue. I’d thought that I wouldn’t be caught off guard by new tires, brakes, insurance deductibles, cost of surgery and on and on and on and on. Yet, here I am. One year before I turn 40 and I need new tires and an alignment: to the tune of nearly $1,500. (I’m rounding up.)  

Here are 10 ways I’d rather spend that money.

1.) A Louis Vuitton handbag. 

I know this is stupid, but I’m the big green J every time I see that classic LV on a bag. It’s, too me, a symbol of I’m not worried about how I’m going to make my mortgage. Granted, we always make our mortgage. 

2.) Airline Tickets To An Exotic Localle.

One day, before I’m too old and my kids don’t want to hang with their parents anymore, I want to go to Dublin.

3.) 300 Cartons of Organic Milk

We drink A LOT of milk y’all, and of course, our tummies can only handle Horizon milk.

4.) A Really Good Start on My Bathroom Remodel.

Dream tub anyone?


4.) Finishing My Wrap Around Porches.

See, we’re living amidst a house that’s not quite finished. It’s livable, but not complete: some of my doors go nowhere.  


6.) 12 and a Half Pairs of Shoes for Each of My Children.

That’s shoes for 6 years. SIX. 


7.) One and a Half Years of Dear Hubby’s Tuition


8.) A New Laptop.

Instead of sitting here blogging with two thumbs, I could be using a fresh new laptop to work on my book. 

9.) Publishing My Book.

Even self publishing takes money. Lots of money if you need help, which I do. 

10.) Just About Anything Else In The World.

I’d RATHER spend this money a bazillion and one different ways, but this is the way that keeps us safe on the road. It might make us tighten our belts for a while, which is a good thing; I mean, how many cardis does one nearly 40 year old need. (Although, I could buy 66.666 cardigans at target) But as Scarlett O’Hara said, “As God as my witness I will be better with my money before my birthday.” Maybe I’m paraphrasing.

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