IEP at a Glance



–Adapt Classroom Instruction

  • Allowed to complete classroom assignments in print rather than cursive.
  • Alternate dressing room for dressing out.
  • Alternate/semi-private area for eating other than cafeteria at joseph’s discretion.
  • Extended time on assignments (five school days-math)
  • Note taking assistance (reading)
  • Organizational assistance with use of assignment notebook/folder/extends to locker/backpack
  • Teacher communication (call or email) with parent with any teacher concern and/or notice of behavioral change or meltdown. **kg adding: meltdown not negotiable notice shall be given via email, phone or text by end of day.
  • Teacher monitored assignment notebook.

–Adapted or Additional Materials

  • Copy of class notes
  • One-sided printing on assessments and assignments involving referencing from page to page

–Alter Assignments or Testing

  • Alternate dress code: no belt required or shirt tuck-in requirement; call parent if hair cut code violation noticed. **kg adding: call parent if facial hair code violation noticed
  • Individualized, structured reminders during assignments and tests.
  • Test: Small-group administration.

–Manage Behavior

  • Advanced warning of fire drills, lock down drills, assemblies (with alternate place provided at Joe’s discretion)
  • Allow access to preferred staff members during times of stress (refer to “go to” staff member list) **kg adding: list in transition as of 8/2/17
  • Allow texting to Mom or other trusted adult when upset **kg deleting: in cool down spot with staff supervision—what needs to be texted to trusted adult may not be for the eyes of teacher or other school staff memeber
  • Allow to leave for behavior support.
  • Concrete re-enforcers.
  • Cooling off period.
  • If work is missing, ask individually for the assignment (provide search assistance if necessary) **kg adding: if work cannot be found email parent.
  • Individual Oral Directives (eye/contact/repeat) kg adding: note-do not force MAINTAINED eye contact.
  • Positive reinforcement.
  • Preferential Seating (area with personal space)



  • Don’t touch BIG unless it is for his own safety. (In general, Joe does not like light touches. If you ever want to hug or touch him, firm is best)
  • Say what you mean and mean what you say.
  • If you NEED him to hear what you’ve just said, ask him to repeat. Allow him time to process instructions this way.
  • Don’t try to talk him out of a meltdown.
    • Instead, remind him to breathe.
    • Remind him that when he is calm he is smart.
  • PLEASE don’t let him meltdown in front of the whole class.
    • Offer a walk to get a drink.
    • Offer a soothing activity such as a piece of clay, drawing or just sitting for few minutes.
  • Allow BIG to fidget with clay or doodle during lectures or times of stress. This will make him more attentive and help him self- regulate.
  • BIG will have LOTS of changes this fall at home and at school. Please stay in contact with the entire team if you become concerned.
  • When possible let BIG know there will be a sub; it helps him to prepare mentally if he has time. Also make subs aware of his calm down accommodations.


            Meltdown Protocol

2017-18 Team Members with E-mail and Phone