It was easier…

I’m proud of my boy, the one on the spectrum who put himself out there and invited two friends to the movies and a sleep over. I’m proud that he seeks friendship. And has the attitude of “Never give up hope, right mama?” But it was easier when we were enough. It was easier when he was little and I could explain away the only folks at birthday parties were adults. This year, he’d seemed like he’d made real friends. He’s happier at school than he’s been in a long time.

But here we are, the weekend of his birthday celebration, the one we reserved for friends, and no one can come. My prayer for today is that he doesn’t quit trying, that he keeps his hope and that once again we can be enough until someone chooses him for their friend. My prayer for today is that when that time comes, he is not so desperate for friendship that he falls in with the wrong crowd. My prayer for today is that the WeeOnes friends embrace him as they grow older because Big and the WeeOne, they are a package deal.

My prayer for today is that Big stay true to himself; because he perfectly imperfect. He lives his life with honesty and love. He loves fiercely, protects the creatures that need it most and is funny, silly, quirky and weird in all the best ways.  Someday, someone is going to choose him as a true friend and that person is lucky. 

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