Maybe it’s that I’ve had too much coffee already today. Maybe it’s that I’m excited one of the people dearest to me in the world is coming to Texas. Maybe it’s that I’m trying to do too many things all at once. Maybe it’s a combination of all of those things plus throw in a little crazy, but my brain is literally (???) spinning out of control.

I’m frantically thinking of 150 things…all of which seem like the most important things EVER!

I’ll give you a breakdown on the frenzy inside my noodle.

Check the clock every 15 minutes after 3 a.m. to see if it’s a acceptable time to get out of bed.
Make coffee!
Drink CoFfEe!!!
Tag aforementioned friend in FB post using LOTS of exclamation points!!!!!
Come up with a plan that fixes our educational system.
Think about blogging about said fix.
Think better of it.
Wonder what kind of night Stocky had.
Wonder what to fix for the kids for lunch.
Peruse news stories on yahoo.
Read comments on news stories on yahoo!  Haven’t I said before I wasn’t going to do this.
Remind self to call health insurance.
Make list for Wal-Mart.
Make list for HEB.
Fix lunches.
Pack back packs.
Remind self to comb chet’s hair well today. (Picture day).
Remind self to fill out picture form. (Cr@p!  Where’s the form????)
Remind self to remember aforementioned lists.
“Fix” breakfast.  (OK pour cereal into bowls)
Be proud you brushed Chet’s hair.
Wake B for work.
Make B’s coffee for work.
Wonder how Stocky is.
Wonder if you should go back to school.
Get out the door.
Worry if you’ll make it to school because you’ve had too much cofee and your bladder is REALLLLLY mad at you!!!!!
Drop of kid 1.
Walk kid 2 into the school. Realize you didn’t fill out the form for pictures.  Frantically hope teacher has extra.
Be thankful teacher has spare form and for smart phones because you don’t carry a check book or cash.
Go to Wal-Mart.
Realize you didn’t bring lists you were supposed to remember.
Get home.
Make more coffee. (I know that’s not smart!)
Call aforementioned visiting friend and talk to her so long that it’s going to me they are an hour behind schedule which translates to an hour LESS time with her.
Oh yeah! Call insurance.
Get frustrated.
Check FB.
Feel better.
Decide to blog about randomness.


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