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The wee one’s spring performance of Texas our Texas was sooooo much fun!  If there is one thing that boy loves it’s an audience.  Thankfully, they broke the kindergarteners into three groups so it was easy to spot your kid and really enjoy them.  Chet was so excited, it looked like he needed to poop.  His big brown eyes were even bigger than normal.  It was nice to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy. My favorite thing was that Cheech was in the front row along with his two bffs and that he really seemed to have FUN.  It’s all about the FUN.

So, last week we had an ARD meeting.  For those of you who don’t know what an ARD meeting is, it’s where a parent (or parents) sit down with all the people in the school who make you the most nervous and discuss the future of your child’s education (no pressure there).  It’s like a parent teacher conference on steroids.  Sometimes, you go in and are in fight mode out of necessity. Sometimes, you go in and are in defensive mode. “Wait, you just said WHAT about my child?!?” Sometimes you go in and you listen. Sometimes, you talk more than you should. Sometimes you forget that you are all on the same team.  Anyway, we had an ARD. I’d read a blog about somethings one should do to make an ARD more successful.  The one that stuck with me was “take treats to your ARD meeting.”  So, I took a dozen donuts, plates and napkins.  You’d have thought I’d brought a pot of GoLd!  Aparently, teachers, principals, counselors, etc like donuts.  It really did make the meeting seem more business less me vs. them.  Guess what?!?  I didn’t cry.  Let me say that AGAIN.  I DID NOT cry!  Score one for mama.  I always cry.  I mean, I’m a crier. I cry when I’m happy. I cry when I’m sad, but I also cry when I’m mad, hungry, tired or need to potty.  I’m a baby that way. 🙂  So, it was a success.  We put in place some really good things for the rest of this year (not that there is a lot left), but more importantly, we put in some important things for next year.  Again, I am so blessed by a supportive school district, school psychologist, home room teacher, administrators and on and on…

The wee one has started baseball.  He’s not very good at it.  That’s our fault.  Ball (of any variety) has not been a priority for us with the kids.  My favorite thing about baseball is Chet’s enthusiasm for when his team mates do well!  Kid X hits the ball well over his friends head and Chet’s all “That’s AWESOME!” or Kid Y throws all the way across the field and he’s all, “Wow, you’re really good!”  Some of the parents are a little obsessed, but for now it’s still fun…until someone yells at my baby! 🙂

Spring break is here and the boys spent the night with pop pop and nana on Monday.  I hear a blast was had by all and that they behaved perfectly.  That just means my dad lies. They are pretty well behaved, but perfect. NUH-UH.  While the boys where with pop pop I got to spend the day buying tires and actually have adult conversation that evening with a group of grownups. Today, I have the dreaded task of taking the eldest for his lab work.  Don’t be jealous. He’ll yell that he hates me and the lab tech, but all will hopefully soon be forgotten.

In two weeks (not the one week I thought) my best friend will be in God’s country!  I cannot wait. I’m so excited to see the older two boys and meet her babe (whose no longer a babe).  I’m let down now, because I thought she’d be here next week. Alas, I need to learn to listen when someone is giving details so that I won’t have BFF visitation letdown prematurely.

I’m hoping that this finds you enjoying Spring.  If it hasn’t sprung where you are, it will soon.

K and Co.

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