A friend asked me once if I’d ever noticed fever changing my little spectrumite. I’d not given it a lot of
thought at the time. The boy has had fever of unknown origin for the past two years now. His new normal temp is 100.5. Nothing outrageous. Nothing that changes him. Then, this. Sickness. Virus, maybe strep, still to be determined. High fever. 103, 104, down to 102 with medicine. He’s a different child. He wants to cuddle, he’s CALM, he seems to listen. I obviously don’t want him to be sick. I suppose fever changes all of us. Just wondering if other moms of kids on the spectrum had noticed similar goings on. I remember this friend telling me that moms and dads of kids who weren’t as high functioning, would try to induce fever because of these differences. I can understand that if the only time your child was verbal and communicative was when he had fever. So, I guess I’m saying, in my up too early, sleep is way off schedule way, fever can be a blessing. It’s our body’s way to healing, it gives mamas some extra cuddles, it gives some kids the need to cuddle and communicate and express. So, fever. I don’t want you here for long. But thanks for the healing (and the snuggle time).


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