What I see happening

I see a phasing out of parent/teacher face to face communication. Sure, email is handy. Except, when it’s not. Sometimes, emails go with out a response. We over look them. We (not me, of course) ignore them. Another problem with email is you can’t read tone (unless you are some sort of psychic). In these days of holding pattens for kids in the am before class, and drive through pick up lines (just a heads up, you’d better be there 45 minutes before release or you are at the BACK of the line) there is little to no parent teacher interaction. Somehow, it also eliminates parent/parent interaction. “how’s kindergarten treating little Susie?”. “Just fine. How’s Fred doing with sight words?”. These little interactions help parents (at least this one) feel connected. Now, it takes a formal meeting to get “face time” with a teacher. When so much could be done with a “Hey, I have a quick question about Fred’s math paper. Do you have a minute after you get the kids to their respective cars?”. Please don’t complain about lack of parent involvement (and helicopter mamas who send emails almost daily because i (I mean they) cant ask a quick question) when it’s been made more and more difficult to “see” the teacher.

Parent/teacher parent/parent communication is vital. Communication, the face to face kind, is vital in life. So, as I blog remotely, pretend we are chatting over coffee and are have real face time.