week one of ???

So, we made it. I haven’t had a complete mental breakdown…yet. All thanks to that handy LSSP I mentioned in the previous blog post. 60/40 split. Really, the boy made it through. So, it’s more like batting (well, what’s a good batting average?) He’s a survivor. I need to learn to trust him. Today’s chaos really did a number on my confidence, though. Actually, I take that back. I know now Joe’s teacher is on his side and willing to think outside the box (gosh, I don’t like that phrase, but it applies here) in order to help him…Maybe, though, it’s to help her sanity. Either way, we win. It’s five o’clock here. I’m relaxing and letting the boys unwind a bit too. My boys are smart enough to do a little damage playing video games, right? I need the moments of peace to unwind, let the week go and gear up for a better one next week. I mean, only four days, what can happen, right? Hugs and love, K PS Thanks for all the kind words, support and prayers from you guys. They mean the world to me!

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