off to a rough start

so who likes transitions? not me. i’m not good at it. not even good ones. not even finally getting to be in the place we’ve dreamed for the last ten years…how has it been that long? anyway, second grade and kindergarten have begun amidst a BUNCH of other changes. the little one has had some seriously, frighteningly, amazingly smoothe sailing. he’s loving school. he has this little blonde angel who says “hi, chet” to him every morning as i walk him in. any of you phineas and ferb vewiers will know what i’m talking about here, i swear she looks at my baby the way isabella looks at phinneas. i also feel like “whatchaaa dooooinnn?” is going to come out of her mouth next. the eldest has not had such an easy transition into a new school. the first day of school started off horribly. when i say horribly, you are thinking that is an exaggeration. it is. horribly doesn’t do it justice. we were off from the start. he finally gets to his room and it’s BAD (unbeknownst to the mama). i take cheech to school. i go have breakfast with my husband for his birthday. i realize i need to take the eldest’s inhaler and epipen to school before i head to my preschool job. cool. i don’t have to be there until ten thirty (i think). i go to the nurses office. wait 20 minutes. get my 20 minutes in, and who is there waiting for me? the principal, vice-principal and the counselor at joe’s new school. to myself i think, crap, it’s only 9:30…what could have gone THAT wrong already? one word. ok. i’m going to make it into two just for drama’s sake. melt down. so, i visit with a very kind group of women, cry a bit in front of relative strangers, and get back to my car at 10. sweet, i have just enough time to make it to my meet the teacher with my littles. i have FIVE missed calls. i am five minutes late, mascara a mess and a total ball of nerves. tuesday. much smoother. thank (insert your diety here). wednesday. worse than monday. what????? tears from mama. letter from the teacher. letter to my favorite LSSP EVER and the best advocate and mama bear calmer downer ever! reply from above LSSP reassuring me that YES, i was over thinking things. letter back to the teacher. talks intermittently with the eldest…one can only stand so much, you know? him or me? both! this brings us to today, thursday. guess what??? the note in his folder said “great day!” i have never been so HAPPY to see those two words in my life. of course above mentioned spy LSSP had given me a heads up as to the day’s progression. quick e-mail to teacher telling her how relieved i was that they had a great day. her response made me happier still. she said joe was on the verge of several meltdowns but that he made the right choice every time. so, for the first week of school so far we are shooting 50/50. today’s success has given the boy and i some confidence back in ourselves. we are lucky to have the support that we do. you know who you are. i love you all! xoxoxo k

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