Extractions, x-rays and Austin~oh my!

The biggest boy in the house and his son and I will head to the best dentist office in the world this morning. This is a last minute change; yesterday the office called and said they had a few spots open. This is really a good thing. Joe will have his x-ray to see if the bone graft took (fingers and toes crossed, knocking on wood, etc. etc.) and five (possibly six) teeth removed. The teeth are all healthy, but are in the way of other, permanent teeth coming in. The doctor assures me that it will be an in an out type of procedure and that he will be roaring to go tomorrow. The dentist also said that everyday we should see more and more of the permanent teeth moving down.

This is the first(ish) step toward palate expansion and the first set of braces for our big guy. He doesn’t want braces AT ALL. I can remember being about his age and wanting braces SO BADLY…not so much because I needed them (although to see pictures of me when these huge suckers came in you would have thought I was in need of orthodontic intervention.). I got off track there, didn’t I? I think I wanted braces because I knew they were a sign of growing up; my mom taught high school, I saw so many of those kids with braces and I thought they were cool. Alas, I was graced with headgear for an underbite. That made me the hit of sleepovers. A kid with the hair do of an 80-year-old and headgear. No WONDER I was so frightfully popular. Wait. I did it again, right? Totally off track. Sorry.

The good news is that Joe won’t miss school for what we had scheduled as
two separate appointments. He should be able to resume normal diet. (hip-hip-hurrah!)

Exciting times.

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