so very proud

pardon my lack of capitalization and my overall bad grammar. i’m just too proud to worry about such things. over the past several months, the eldest has been assessed for aspergers syndrome. as it turns out, he does indeed have aspergers. don’t feel sorry. it’s a beautiful thing to have a mind such as his. he is twice exceptional. i love that phrase. he’s more than twice exceptional, if you ask me. why i’m so proud is this: he came across a book (all cats have aspergers) in my book bag and began reading it. then, he began to ask questions about aspergers. as it’s dawning on him that a lot of these descriptions fit him, he begins to get a little upset. after a few minutes of talking about aspergers and how he’s the same little boy as before he knew, he began to come to terms with it. shortly thereafter, we arrive at his grany’s for a playdate. he is able to think through things and sort them out through gardening. before he leaves his grany’s, he wants to share the book with her. it (him finding the book and me telling him about aspergers) didn’t happen in the ideal way, but he took it and decided to teach someone about it. when we got home, he read the book to his daddy and they talked about it. for a little boy, he has such an AWESOME mind! i love this kid more than i ever knew possible. his little brother decided he has aspergers too…he wants to be just like his brudder. how did i get such amazing little boys? i am blessed. i am fortunate. i am so very proud!

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