not what i wanted to hear

We had our Christmas visit with Teda, Stocky and Auntie Mary Jo on Sunday; a wonderful lunch with pop pop and nana added to the crew. It is so awesome getting to watch my grandparents watch my kids grow up! How blessed I am! Today, we went to see the craniofacial surgeon Dr. Genecov. We got a bit of news I didn’t want to hear…Joe has a two inch long wound in his palate. The good news is that up until this point, there has been no water, or juice traveling into his nose while drinking. We have a month of liquid diet (OMG, what am I going to do for the kid who is already SO underweight and skinny!?!) We go back to Dallas in one month. If the wound has not healed, we will have to discuss surgery. I’m trying to stay positive. This one month liquid diet will be a trial run for bone graft…that’s three month liquid diet! Right now, my brain is spinning…so much to think about…I know what I’ll be focused on tomorrow at 3 a.m. When we go back in a month, I also have to discuss palate expansion; I’m hoping this doesn’t slow us down on that front. He’s almost ready dentally. Mentally, not so much. He hates the idea of the expander and braces. Although, in time, I think he’ll come around. I DO know how much we have to be greatful for! Not many people can say that they have their grandparents around and watching their little ones grow and blossom. We have an amazing and supportive family for whom we are grateful. We have friends that we love like family. What more does one need, right?

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