soft/liquid diet causes mama the blues

this soft/liquid diet thing is causing some serious regressions: for the mama! we’d finally gotten on a roll of eating some meats for protein; now, we’ve gone back to noodles, carnation, noodles, carnation, mama waffles, noodles, carnation…we sneak some eggs in every once in a while as well as mashed potatoes, but man, this bites. we ordered a product to help boost caloric intake and are hopeful we can put back whatever weight the eldest has dropped already. one week in and it’s not looking good weight wise. i am hopeful (not too) that this liquid/soft diet will do it’s job and let the boy’s pallet heal. if not, it’s surgery and another month (at least) of liquid. this does nothing to improve a seven year old’s mood, let me tell you. it’s not that he wants to eat anything else, it’s that he NEEDs to! ok. pitty party over now. we are blessed. we know this. life is exceptionally good!

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