Joe’s Ears—Again!

Poor little booger. We went to the ENT on Friday and he said that Joe still had fluid in his ears and that he wasn’t surprised. Then, Saturday afternoon, I looked in Joe’s right ear and there was all this mucousy stuff coming out. So I called the on call ENT, he prescribed ANOTHER antibiotic and eardrop. Well, now, Monday AM the poor boy has runny poop. He’s never had an accident since he decided to wear big boy undies, now he’s had two. He keeps going in to pee and has diarrhea. I’m trying to convince him to sit down to go pee, but he says, “No, mama, boys stand up to pee.” So, wish us luck. The ENTs office opens at 8:30 so I’ll call them to see what they say. I’ve given him pro-biotics since the last ear infection, so not quite sure what to do for my poor Joe-Joe.
Wish us luck.
Take Care,
Joe and Co.

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