Thirty Two

Well, This post isn’t really about the boys…it kind of is…but mostly about me turning 32! It sure beats the alternative that is for sure! I was telling Brian the other night when I was having a particularly whining, pity-party event that I don’t feel IMPORTANT sometimes. I feel like a floor sweeping, laundry doing, cook (not even chef) who often looks bad and smells worse. Thirty wasn’t so hard for me because I was pregnant and really FELT like I was doing something important. Then, yesterday, we went to Harwood, and I saw my beautiful children and sweet, wonderful husband, running and playing being so good to each other and I thought, yes, I am IMPORTANT. I may not ever get told that, but in those pure, wonderful, blissful moments, I realize how fortunate I am. I have a wonderful family full of loving, kind, supportive people. I have great health (maybe not so much mental health ;-)) and am so blessed. I hope you all are feeling as wonderful and fulfilled as I am today.
Much Love,