Joe’s Ears

Just when you think it’s all under control…your kiddo gets something like an ear infection. I know that in the scheme of things, it’s so minor, but when you have a kid that NEVER complains of pain that all of the sudden is like, Mama, my ear hurts…you sure feel bad. We went to the pediatrician yesterday and poor Joe Joe has an ear infection. Then, this am I see that he has drainage from his infected ear. I called the ped and the ENT and they both said that his eardrum has ruptured. I guess this sounds worse than it is. The ENTs office said to put peroxide in the ear before putting in some antibiotic drops. Man, oh, man, did some nasty stuff come out of there…I guess that’s good. Poor guy having all that junk in there can’t feel good. We have an appt with the ENT once Joe is done with his antibiotics. They will look to make sure the infection is gone and that the tear in his eardrum has healed. So, my vivacious little monster is now just a tired, sick little monster…hope he’s back to his old self soon. You know, it’s funny, you pray for your kids to be still for just a little bit, but then, they get sick, and you wish they were back to being little terrors! I guess be careful what you wish for.
Much love,

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