Little Stocky

So, the wee one has been very sad the last few weeks.  He’s cried off and on and can’t pin point what’s troubling him.  He’s asked lately when we are going to visit his Teda and Stocky (my grandparents).  After talking with my dad on Friday, I couldn’t go one more day without laying eyes on them myself.

Stocky has Alzheimer’s.  I hate Alzheimer’s. It’s robbed him of the things that once brought him joy and now it’s robbing him of the ability to swallow.  His health is fading at a more rapid pace since gallbladder removal.  So, it was time for a visit.
The boys haven’t been to Teda and Stockys since he went to the rest home and the big remodel of Teda and Stocky’s house.  Man, they handled that like champs.  Me, I cried seeing Teda’s house so different.  It was beautiful, but different.  
Saturday afternoon, I took Teda to visit the old man.  I stayed for about a half hour and wanted to see my Stocky before I took the boys.  I’m glad I did. It was a shock to my system to see the vibrant man laying in a bed having a hard time even opening his eyes.  He is so tired. I went to pick up the boys and bring them for a brief visit. Hugs, kisses and I love yous.  
I’ll be darned if Stocky didn’t smile when The wee one hugged and kissed him.
Sunday, I went to visit in the am before we were heading home.  I am SO GLAD I did.  Stocky was more alert because they had jostled him to get him hiseds and breakfast.  He asked if I had smokes or matches…or beer.  I almost went to the store right then and there. ;-). He hasn’t had any of those things for 40 years.
I stayed for an hour and a half or so and was waiting for him to fall asleep to sneak quietly out.  I’m so very thankful that didn’t happen.  Here’s what did:
     Me-Stocky, I’ve gotta go pick up those rotten boys and get headed home. I’ll see you soon.  
         I bent down to give him a hug. Meh hugged me back!  I went to give him a kiss on the cheek (as I don’t know the last time I gave him a kiss on the lips…maybe when I was a little girl). He wasn’t having it!  He gave me a kiss on the lips!!!
     Me-Stocky, I love you.
     Stocky-  I love you too.
Then he looked at me. There were a good ten seconds that I know he knew me.  Then he was searching my face and his knowing faded.  He turned toward the window and I told him again I’d see him soon.
Upon our arrival home, the boys and I talked in great length about the boy Stocky was and the young man Stocky was.  It brought them great joy. 
I titled this post little Stocky because the wee one.  He is little stocky.  From looks to his attitude, to his knowing he’s smart bit not caring if you know.  He’s so much like him that we joke he’ll probably ditch school one day and well find him fishing. He doesn’t like to be gone from his house for more than two days. He’s sweet and wickedly funny.  He’s like Stocky in that he has an authentic sense of religion that comes from within.
 He doesn’t need to tell you.  He just believes. Maybe little Stocky knows.
I know how blessed i have been to have Stocky in my life.  Giving unconditional love and healing to my heart when I was the least loveable and the most in need of healing. 
Everyone deserves to have at least one Stocky in their lives.  Maybe the wee one will be someone’s.