Feeling blah

So you know those times when you probably (okay definitely) shouldn’t be allowed to interact with other human beings because exactly nothing they do or say is going to be right?  No?!? You don’t have those moments? Or days? Or weeks?  Be honest.  Sure you do.  That’s the space I’m in right now.

Everyone and everything is up under my skin.  I feel like shouting.  Well, maybe I  am shouting. A lot. Then, the guilt sets in.  Dad gum.  I am the poster child for Imperfection this week.  
I need a vacation.  From my mood.  None of the normal tricks are working either.  Time to myself.  I miss my kids.  Time with my kids. In my head I’m saying make me a bird so I can fly far, far away.”
I’m sure there are a lot of issues at play here.  Sadness, worry, desire for chocolate, guilt, need to get a lot of stuff done…to the point that I do none of it because that’s way easier than starting any one of the number of projects that need doing.
Yesterday, I had a thought.  What if I started a nonprofit group.  And with the money we raise, we can send fellow imperfects on a retreat together.  That’s doing good works, right?!?  It would totally have to be at a super 8 motel or something.  Maybe we could get it close to the airport and we could go to look at all the fancy locals we could pick from.  Then, we’d head back to the super 8, find someplace fancy like Chilis and have cocktails and horsdeveurs.  
But then I think.  Ugh.  That would just mean packing a bag an then the dreaded unpacking of said bag when the retreat was over.  Plus, I’d miss my kids that make me crazy.  
I guess I’ll settle for coffee. And time. Time to let this mood pass.  We did “gain” and hour which you totally know my internal clock adjusted to right away. 
Have a good day, y’all.  Thanks for letting me get that randomness out!