How did this happen so fast yet so slow

So, my 80-something grandmother is a genius I tells ya.  She’s always said “the days are long, but the years are short.”  She’s right.  I heard another one yesterday I found appropriate.  “Life’s like a roll of toilet paper, the closer you get to the end the faster it seems to disappear.”  

So I cried when I walked the wee one in to his last day of kindergarten this am.  His teacher took this kid who felt like he didn’t need to learn to read or want to go to school and turned him into an avid reader (3rd grade, ahem) and a lover of school.  I adore her.  
I cried for a totally different reason dropping of big brudder.  I cry because of the people so willing to work so damn hard to make school a great place for him.  I cried because it feels like he’s just gotten into the groove and its over.  I cried because I can’t handle another start of school like we had this year.  Can big brudder handle it?  You betcha!  That boys got this.  
I’m proud of the growth I’ve seen in both boys this year.  But as I told the assistant principal a week or so ago (I was lying as I said it, but now I’m believing it) I really think part of brudders growth this year has been because of the struggles.  How can you grow if there isn’t a challenge, right.  At times, a little stagnant plateau would be nice.
I’m excited for the summer (talk to me next Friday and see how I’m feeling then.). Brudder gets braces, the wee one may enroll in Jedi training and I’ve got TONS to do around the house…painting, flooring…and laundry.  Oh do I have laundry. 
I hope you and yours have a restful, rejuvenating summer filled with cocktails (or mocktails if you so desire…not that i know why you would want that…) and cuddles. 

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