I’ve got mommy guilt. Yes I do!

I’ve got mommy guilt. Yes I do! I’ve got mommy guilt! How bout you?!?

I am leaving my children alone and defenseless for two days. What?!? Don’t call CPS just yet. They’ll be with my sweet husband who is a fantastic father! So why the mommy guilt?!?

It’s ingrained in us I tells ya! We have to be ALL things to our children. Cook, chauffeur, maid, spiritual advisor, nurse, psychiatrist, laundress. Who tells us we have to be all things? We do! Well, it’s time to trust that the man of the house can care for his boys. It may not be the way I’d do it, but I can guarantee you it will be fun. It will be memorable. And we will all be better for it. Who cares if they have hot dogs for breakfast, toaster waffles for dinner and don’t get a bath? That’s what daddy time is about.

Me? I’m going to see my Teda. And to visit my Stocky for the first time since his move to the rest home. (Doesn’t that sound more pleasant than nursing home?). I need to go. I need to visit the only place I’ve ever known my grandparents one time without my kids. It’s not that they wouldn’t or couldn’t be good. It’s that I need this visit to wrap my brain around this new abnormal normal. Then, next trip ill have the tools I need to address any questions the boys will have…there will be plenty I assure you.

So have a great weekend and pray that my house doesn’t smell too funky when I return.


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