Hello Bell!

I woke this morning to find a text from my step mom. It said, “I wanted to let you know Stocky was thinking of you tonight. He was eating some sherbet and he said ‘ ‘I bet Kristi Bell could help me eat this!’ “. This made my day.

Stocky always called me Bell or Kristi Bell. I for a long time, thought Bell was my middle name. When I called, it was always , “hello Bell!” Over the past few years, Stocky has only called me Bell a handful of times. Two of those times were when we visited at the end of February and when we called to wish him a happy 89th. (!) birthday. Now, we can add last night.

Stocky has dementia. We all know the struggles that are associated with that, so I won’t bore you with details. So, this text made me feel so loved, so happy.

Teda and Stocky (dad, Kathy and auntie Mary Jo too) are on a new adventure. Stocky is at his new home now. Hopefully, the release from the everyday strain will free Teda from a lot of the strain and allow them to enjoy one another more.

How many people are blessed enough to have their grandparents (who happen to be the BEST grandparents EVER) with them for so long? How many children are lucky enough to get to know their great grandparents? We are lucky. We are blessed.


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