First post of the new year…

So the new year started off with a bang! Brian and I had a fun, relaxing date night have a couple of shiners and playing shuffle board (it really IS fun) and enjoying each others company. Then, bang! On our way home, we get a call from Brian’s sister. Joe and Chet had a meeting of the minds and Chet’s lip is busted.

We drive (proud no speeding was involved) to the ER to meet Brian’s mom and dad with the wee one. Holy cow! He’s bitten a hole through his lip! First ER doc says. I’ll stitch him up, no problem. Ten minutes later, he comes back in…well, this is more complex than I thought. I want to give you the option of going to a hospital with a plastics doctor on call. So at 11 pm, we head to San Antonio. The ER doc tries to basically bully us into letting her stitch the wee ones lip. We almost give in, but the nurse says, “are you SURE you don’t want to wait for plastics?” It turns out a PS won’t come in in the middle of the night unless it’s a life or death situation. So at 3 am they tell us to come back tomorrow at 7. Fortunately, there was a motel 6 right across the street. The three of us got a few hours of shut eye and headed BAKC across the street at 7 where we check into the 2nd ER for the third time. We wait for about an hour and then are told a PS won’t come see us until 6 pm but one could work us into his schedule at his office. So, we make another trek to the PS office where for the first time I hear the wee one cry (shriek, really) at the sight of a needle. Numbing shot in. Watched the doc clean the wound really, REALLY well., and then stitch my baby up with what looked like a gold toned fishing hook.

So far so good. The swelling is down and he’s able to talk and eat nicely. He’s easing over his fears of re-injury at school.

After all this craziness, we were all ready to get back into a routine!

Last night, I was bribing the boys to try avocado (didn’t work…they wouldn’t do it). I told them avocado was really good for their testicles. It is. Don’t judge! So, j says, “I don’t know what those are.”
So I explained their location. He said, “are they to aid in our buoyancy?” After in turned around to hide my laughter and composed myself, I said “No, babe. They are part of your reproductive system.” He says, “are they sperm holders.” I say, “yep, bud, they are.” I guess he’s watched enough animal planet and various documentaries to know more than mom. He’s always good for a chuckle. I did explain that sperm, testicles and reproductive systems were not information we need to pass along at school. We shall see how long before I get a phone call or email about that.


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