5 reasons why I’m off "the book"

So, I’m off the book. I need some space. Here are five reasons why:

1.) I began judging my own happiness based in others posts about how blissful their lives are.

2.) I bean to feel like a phony. It’s not to say I need to air my dirty laundry, but only posting what cute things my fantastic kids and wonderful husband have done lately isn’t authentic. Yes, they are fantastic, but always? No. It gives a sense of faux bliss. Am I happy? Yes, most of the time.

3.). I spend WAY TOO much time checking out what clever things people post, what memes and e cards are circulating and too little time focusing on what matters most.

4.). I found that I was/am expecting people who I’ve not seen in ages or maybe have never seen to validate me.

5.) I need to take the time to nurture the real, present relationships in my life. I need to find a way to be uplifted not by people who don’t really know me, but by those in a position to really do so.

So, will I be back? Probably. My goal here is to reduce my need to be liked. Literally and figuratively. In the mean time, I hope you will shoot me an old fashioned email at kristibell01@yahoo.com

See ya around friends.

Xoxoxo k

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