9 things an insomniac mama bear shouldn’t do

1.) forget to pee before laying down. This is a sure sign that you will wake up at 12, 1 and finally get up at 3 am. It’s like the old dr. pepper slogan 10, 2 and 4, but with a bladder.

2.) watch the beginning of election returns with your anxious children. Because, when you wake up as afore mentioned, you will be inclined to check your phone to see if “you” won.

3.) comment on yahoo news stories about afore mentioned election. When you pee at 12, 1 and 3 am, it’s not your best brain working.

4.) comment on Facebook friends posts about the election (unless you have the same political leanings). See number 3.

5.) post on your own Facebook wall regarding the election. See numbers 3 and 4.

6.) send emails to teachers about all the things you thought about between 12 and 1, 1 and 2, and 2 and 3 am. Again, brain not functioning at its best.

7.) google. Period.

8.) see number seven, woman. Get off the Internet. Surely, do NOT google symptoms. This will NOT aid in good sleep for the next night!

9.) blog? Probably not. But here I am anyway. Rambling.

Hugs, k

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