Bone graft. Check.

We have to wait eight weeks to make sure the graft takes before we can know for sure, but we know now we can do it.

This was one of the hardest times letting Joe go back; perhaps the only time worse was the first time. It. Never. Gets. Easier…to hand your child over to a surgeon no matter how gifted he or she may be. Joe’s goofy juice had not kicked in when they came to take him back. He was not a happy camper. It was all I could do to let (ok make) him go.

The surgeon thinks it went well. For now, he has pain in his hip where they took the graft from. He’s walking well. Still a little wobbly. The swelling has begun as has the bruising. He’s being SUCH a trooper and really trying hard to do what we tell him. I am so proud.

I have some complaints about our stay at the hospital and will voice them when the time comes. I will say this, don’t go into nursing (pediatrics, geriatrics, oncology especially) if you can’t separate and compartmentalize your bad day. My kid that hasn’t had anything to eat or drink (other than the water he just vomited) should NOT have to hear you complain about your busy day and that you haven’t had lunch. Oh and his mama and daddy won’t be happy with you either! Be kind to your patients; if you can’t do that, perhaps it’s time for you to move out of the surgical ward where people NEED pain meds. Be kind when you explain to a HUNGRY child why he is on clear liquids. Just be nice or get another job! Stepping off soap box.

The brudders are happy to be reunited! Both claim they didn’t sleep well without the other. On the way home, we were telling Joe about people from across the globe wishing him well. He said, “I am world famous!”. He decided to write a book about himself; with one chapter dedicated to the best little brother in the world titled “Chet, I couldn’t do it without you.”. Their reunion brought tears to my eyes. Chet kissed Joe in the forehead and got down next to him. They only had eyes for each other…

I am blessed.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers. We appreciate you all!

K and co

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