Treatment plan…you know how I like a plan!

We have knowledge now of our long term treatment plan for the eldest; I am a woman who likes a plan. On Monday or Tuesday (crap that’s only 5 or 6 days away!!!) we will have bone graft surgery. At that time the cranio doc will remove one loose baby tooth. There will be an 8 week recovery period; after that, we will go in for an x-ray to make sure the graft took (fingers an toes crossed…knocking on wood). Then, we (in the royal sense) will have five (count them ONE. TWO. THREE. FOUR. FIVE!) teeth extracted. The orthodontist said not to worry; the permanent teeth will be in within a matter of a week or so. Then, another eight week recovery period. Then, new molds, x-rays, etc. Then EXPANSION! We don’t know exactly how long this part will take, but I’m guessing 6 months. Then, more molds, etc. Then orthodontia begins. It’s nerve wracking. The thought of Joe just healing to have more done is unsettling at best, but it is what needs to be done. In the end, it will be okay. Now that I have a “plan” I can focus on the first step. Isn’t that strange? The first step is always the first. I don’t know why I can’t focus on the first step without knowing where it will lead…

3 thoughts on “Treatment plan…you know how I like a plan!”

  1. Its always the uncertainty that is the worst. I find that when the doctors have a treatment plan its more comforting for me and it feels like I have a bit more control over the decisions made about my health. The floating around in LIMBO LAND is stressful, nerve wracking and just plain annoying. I am so happy to hear that you can move forward with the kiddo and get things on track. As always, my thoughts and prayers are with you guys!


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