my baby

my sweet baby boy is officially a kindergartener (sort of). he graduated preschool today. i know. a lot of you are thinking: what?!? they let kids GRADUATE from preschool. well, yes. yes they do. it was an awesome commencement ceremony in which my child was the loudest (and of course cutest) singer in the room. i hope that he never realizes that he could have had a microphone…he doesn’t need one! i found his class picture from when he was in the two year old class and it’s hard to believe that picture is of the same child. he looks like such a baby in the picture. how could i have sent him to school???? now, at five and ready for summer break i don’t know if i’m ready for him to be in kindergarten. he says, “two days a week is not enough school, but five? that’s gonna be too much.” cheech is so smart and funny. apparently, all the moms and dad’s in his class know his full name…their kids say, “hey Chet Thomas Gold did (fill in the blank) today.” people flock to him. how could they not? look at those eyelashes, would ya? look at the fun mischief in those eyes. who wouldn’t want to be around that? his kindergarten teacher may disagree, but i think the fun is just begining…

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