This boy and his brudder…

Were so beyond good today! I am thankful. I am thankful for so many things in my life. I need to take more time to stop and look at the positives. I followed my gut today and went to an appointment for the eldest child that I was tempted to cancel. On so many levels I’m glad I didn’t. He had x-rays of his teeth today to see where we are in terms of palate expansion. I went to our orthodontist Joe has seen since he was two weeks old. The first reason I’m lucky in this situation is, I got to see the evolution of my son in photographs via the orthodontist. Secondly, because of number one, I was reminded that history and relationships matter…even with an orthodontist office. Perhaps most importantly, it turns out the six year molars one guy said weren’t ready to put brackets on are stuck. if we hadn’t gone for extensive exam and panoramic x-rays today, we wouldn’t have known. I know eventually I’ll dread what has to come next. For now, I’m grateful.

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