letter to Chet

Dear Chet, I know that it is sometimes hard to be the little brudder, but know this: you are the best little brother God could have ever given Joe. You love him more than you love yourself, bacon and chocolate donuts with sprinkles combined. You help him in a way that mama and daddy could not. You have given him a reason to be social with kids. You help him know how to be. Beyond what you do for your brudder, you are special beyond words for being YOU. You are kind. You are FUNNY! You are sweet. You give the best hugs and kisses. You are smart. You are a social butterfly without caring what anyone thinks about you. If you ever get in trouble, it will be because YOU chose it. No one will be able to talk you into something you don’t want to do. You are silly. You love banjo at five. You love drums. You love Tom and Jerry more than Sponge Bob. You have eyelashes that already melt girls hearts. You stand up for what is right. You love God even when your brother questions his existence. You worry without letting it age your soul. YOU are special. Love, Mama