Home again

We are home from a fantastic visit with my grandparents! Enjoyed every minute with them and Auntie Mary Jo; even got to see Chandon and Taylor and her boyfriend. Got the last culture result from the Dallas ENT, and no fungus has grown. That’s good, but we still don’t know then what is causing the fever. Wednesday we have a CT scan of joe’s pelvis and abdomen to see if there is anything going on there. Saw joe’s craniofacial surgeon and things look good there. We are on the fast track for braces and palate expansion. The speech pathologist said it’s time to bulk the boy up b/c it’s a three MONTH liquid only diet after bone graft! WHAT??! She said the surgery is easy though! No one is quite sure what we should do about this fever though.

I hope you all are able to count your blessings this Holiday Season! Merry Christmas!

Hugs from Kristi and co.

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