anxiety is kicking in

as always, I am sooo thankful for what we’ve ruled out so far! That being said, my anxiety level is through the roof. We’ve not told the boy tat little brother get’s to stay with grany while we are in the big d…that won’t be pretty, for sure! Second, if you’ve ever had to hand your child over to a doctor for sugery (no matter how minor, you understand how absolutely nerve wraking it is! I feel like crying just thinking about it. I am ready to know what’s going on so the boy can get back to life as usual (whatever that is)! I want to KNOW what is causing this feverm we can deal with anything but the not knowing. There are so many scary things that it could still be. My hope for my son is that one day things will be easy for him health wise! I don’t want him to remember kindergarten as the year he missed 45 days of school! I want him to remember it as the year he met his BFFE (best friend for EVER) and the year he learned he COULD eat in the cafeteria and listen to his teacher and make it through Social Skills even though he doesn’t like it. I want him to remember it as the year he got his first grown up tooth and learned that just because he can read and write already, kindergarten is fun and important. He’s grown so much already. I am proud beyond words!
I appreciate your kind thoughts and prayers. We’ll post more tomorrow!
Kristi and co.

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