So, we (by we I mean me) haven’t posted in quite a while. Joe began kindergarden in August, and after a ROUGH start, he seems to be doing exceptionally well. He’s mastered the kindergarden testing level, and his teacher is going to test him next semester with the first grade materials…soon he’ll be ruling the school 😉

Shortly after school began, Joe got an ear infection and has been battling fever ever since. We are currently waiting on test results from the second set of blood work. If there is nothing abnormal in those tests, the doctor said it would be up to us to determine how aggressive we want to be in finding the cause of the fever.

Chet is in the “big kid” class this year and really enjoying his new teacher Miss Debbie. I’ve been the “helper” in the two year old class and often ask myself, “Why did I give up two days a week to myself?” But, the kids are so sweet (most of the time…okay, some of the time).

Hoping all of our friends and family are doing well. We’ve been really consumed with doctor’s appts and have been terrible about communicating with everyone.

Hugs and Love,
The Gold Family

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