been a while

well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted…Joe is doing exceptionally well…except…he’s been angry lately. i’m sure it’s due to the surgery and feeling out of control of his own body! we’re back to therapy every week until we get the behavior back in check…his therapist, Miss Katie, is amazing. I wish i had her patience that she shows with Joe. he’s excited to be back to seeing her. Joe loves Katie so much. we are on spring break from pre-school after only one week back. hopefully we can have some fun this week. we have a birthday party on thursday for joe’s buddy ben’s sister, so that will be fun. please for those of you who say your prayers, keep joe’s teacher miss britany in them. her husband was in an accident and she’s been out of school traveling back and forth to houston every day. They have a house full of small kiddos, so they need prayers of both healing and safety for their mama. It doesn’t take much to remind you of what is really important, right?
Take Care,
Kristi And Co.

Give all your loved ones big hugs. Oh, In good news, for those of you who may remember, Brian’s cousin Scott has bladder cancer. He got a good report at his last doctor’s visit! And my cousin’s wife, Kathy, is doing well with her breast cancer treatment.

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