Getting Ready to Get Ready

Well, we’ll leave on Monday for Dallas. My step-mom, Kathy, aka Nana, will be driving with us to Dallas sometime in the am-to early afternoon. The boys, Nana and I will arrive in Dallas hopefully before traffic gets too bad, check in to our hotel and scrounge for some fun before Pop-Pop (my dad) comes up that evening. Tuesday, we have appts at the hospital bright and early. We’ll head to Teda and Stocky’s (my grandparents) after our appts (unless they are still sick with a cold). We’ll spend Tuesday with them, then back to the hotel on Wednesday evening. At somepoint, my dad will take Chet back to Seguin to spend the night with Grany (Brian’s mom) and we’ll be taking care of our Joe-Joe. We’ll know on Tuesday what time we have to be at the hospital on Thursday, but I’m sure it’s early…it always is. I assume (you know what they say about assuming) that Joe will spend Thursday night at the hospital…I’ll be there with him. Brian will be at our Hotel. You couldn’t pry me away from my Joe-Joe…anyway, those are our plans for know. We’ll post updates on Tuesday and Thursday…
Take Care,
K and Co.

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