After a scare about our scar, and a quick trip back to Dallas, we are home and doing fine. I was concerned about the fact that the dermabond glue that was supposed to last over 1 1/2 weeks, was completly gone at 5 days and that the disolvable packing was supposed to be gone in 4-5 days is still oozing out Joe’s nose. Anyway, our lip looks good, our nose is just going to take time to ooze. We woke up at 400 yesterday a.m. headed to Dallas for our 10:30 appt, got there, got Joe in to see another doctor in Dr. Genecov’s office (Dr. G is on vacation), had to hold Joe down while the Dr. poked in his nose with a great big q-tip, promised Joe a trip to Toys R Us if he quit struggling so much, finished up the appt, headed to Toys R Us(I unwisely chose to pass up the closest toys r us b/c I wanted to get out of Dallas before the lunch crowd hit the streets…so we drove looking for a toys r us for about an hour…thanks to Pop-Pop’s I Phone, we at least had a general direction to head…what they don’t tell you is what kind of neighborhood you are headed to…(what joe picked is another story all in its self!), got a toy only to have the cashier almost faint b/c joe’s nose is dripping what looks like blood (it’s actually the disolvable packing), drove to Red Oak to eat lunch only to have the first waitress almost faint for the same reason…I guess she couldn’t handle it and gave us a different waitress, boys fell asleep about 2:00 p.m., kept on keepin on…got to Austin at exactly 5:00…had a relatively painless jaunt through (only 30 minutes through downtown) got to New Braunfels at 6; thankfully, the boys “let me” spend another night so I didn’t have to drive home at dusk with being that tired. We got home about 10:00 this morning and are doing okay. We got to go outside to play for a little while earlier, but poor Chet got attacked by fire ants and has about 25 bites on his body between his feet and hiney…poor baby. Both boys are such troopers and were really pretty good yesterday. Joe is being a bit defiant regarding the cleaning of his nose; he hates it, he hates me when I do it (yes, he’s four and telling me this). I can’t say that I blame him, It’s certainly not my favorite thing to do either. So, wish JOe and I both luck…we both need patience!
Love to you,
K and Co.