Well Checks

We had both boys well checks this week and they are…drum roll, please…WELL! Chet’s height was 30th percentile, weight was 75th and head…off the charts. Joe is back on the charts at the 25th percentile weight, Height is 25th and they didn’t measure his head, but we don’t need them to tell us, it’s off the charts too. Joe was a big stinker and acted like he didn’t know how to count or know his colors…Then, during the eye test he told her that a star looked like a feces. What a stink pot! Anyway, we’ll take what we can get. Oh, I almost forgot, Joe’s urine and throat cultures came back negative, so we get to stop the antibiotics! For all things big and small we are grateful!
Hope you are all well.
Also in the good news category, our good friend Cooper got a good report after his brain scan. So, his chemo is working. It’s a rough road, so at least that good report gives him the strength to keep on keepin on!
Much love,

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