Feeling Much Better Now

Well, we’ve had some sort of horrible bug around here. Friday Joe was puny, Saturday, he didn’t even want to go camping…he said that it would be okay if we did it another day, then, Saturday night into Sunday morning, it hit. He lost everything that had been in his stomach for two days…Sunday he was puny but perked up in the evening. He felt good enough to go to school Monday, but then…Chet tossed his cookies Monday night all night. We went to the pediatrician Tuesday a.m. (thanks Pop Pop for meeting us over there). Without him, I’d have had to go home in a puke ridden t-shirt. They said we have a stomach virus. They did a throat swab on Joe; the rapid results came back no strep…waiting on the 24 and 48 hour culture results. Today, we seem to be on the incline! Both boys weigh 29 pounds! So Joe-Joe has dropped some, but he’s been sick a bit. Hopefully, now we’ll get some weight back on him.
Keep on Keepin on,
K & co.


Better Day At School

Joe-Joe had a better day at school yesterday; his teacher said that he only had one “outburst” when another teacher told him not to do something on the playground. He ate some of his lunch and even took a NAP! So, for all things, I am grateful.

I can not believe that my boys are about to be two and four! I’m gearing up for their dinosaur party and at the same time trying to figure out family pictures. I dread family pictures; it’s not like you can have a picture with just Brian, Joe and Chet…they’ll grow up thinking, where’s Mama?

I’m proud of my boys and my dear hubby for working so hard so that I can stay at home with our little ones. The time will come, too soon I’m sure, when they are in school and I seek out a career of my own. Until then, I savor the little moments when they have just woken up and are sweet as can be.

Please continue to keep the following people in your prayers: Brian’s cousin Scott, my cousin’s wife Kathy and Cooper.

Much love,
K & Co.


Prayer List Growing

Hello all. I am asking that you add someone else to your prayer list, please. Cooper, a dear family friend, has been battling brain cancer for a little over two years now. He had a scan done last week and the cancer is back in multiple places in his brain. He is beginning a new, more aggressive chemo that gives him a 65% chance that it will work for six months.

Continue to pray for Brian’s cousin Scott as he battles bladder cancer and my cousin’s wife Kathy as she battles breast cancer.

Love to you all,


Drop Off Blues

Well, it happened! Joe-Joe cried today when I dropped him off at school; I’m so sad, but I’m sure that he’s calmed down by now. They would have called me by now, right? I just can’t stand to see him so upset…I feel like crying too. Keep him in your thoughts and hope that he has a good day despite the rough start.


School Days

Well, I haven’t posted since Joe has had a couple of full days under his belt. Last Wed. was his first “long day.” He went from 8:30-2:30; he didn’t really eat his lunch, but that’s okay…he’s got to learn he has choices and if he chooses not to eat his lunch or the snack the teacher gives (they aren’t organic animal crackers ;-)) then, he’ll be hungry. On Wed, he came home and said that another little boy had to go to time out. Yesterday, he came home and said that a.) he had to go to time out for yelling at his teacher (she was making a loud ahhh sound.) He was disappointed because they are STILL working on the letter “A”. And b.) Miss Brittany told him that he would have to go talk to Miss Jant (the director of the school) if he wasn’t quite and still during nap time. He doesn’t take a nap and wont take a nap! At any rate, I talked to him briefly about these things. My dad, wisely, told me not to worry about it too much. That the teacher could/would handle it and that if she needs my help, she’ll ask for it. I just don’t want my future president of the world to get everyone in trouble because he has an idea of how to do it better! They also went to chapel on Monday; that was a first for Joe. I asked him what story they talked about and he said he didn’t know, but he didn’t understand why they didn’t want to sing “the all night long song.” (That’s a Rascal Flats song from his CARS movie. Anyway, he certainly has an idea about how things should be. On our two school days I have noticed a bit more controlling behavior when we get home, but our Occupational Therapist and Speech Pathologist said this would happen…we might regress before we get the hang of school. Other than our minor incidents at school, he seems to be enjoying it. He told me he made a brand new friend but that he couldn’t remember his name.
Hope you are all well!
Continue to keep Brian’s cousin Scott in your prayers as I think he’s due to start chemo for bladder cancer soon. Also, please add my cousin’s wife Kathy to your prayer list as she is 30 years old and battling breast cancer.
Much love,
K & co