Better Day At School

Joe-Joe had a better day at school yesterday; his teacher said that he only had one “outburst” when another teacher told him not to do something on the playground. He ate some of his lunch and even took a NAP! So, for all things, I am grateful.

I can not believe that my boys are about to be two and four! I’m gearing up for their dinosaur party and at the same time trying to figure out family pictures. I dread family pictures; it’s not like you can have a picture with just Brian, Joe and Chet…they’ll grow up thinking, where’s Mama?

I’m proud of my boys and my dear hubby for working so hard so that I can stay at home with our little ones. The time will come, too soon I’m sure, when they are in school and I seek out a career of my own. Until then, I savor the little moments when they have just woken up and are sweet as can be.

Please continue to keep the following people in your prayers: Brian’s cousin Scott, my cousin’s wife Kathy and Cooper.

Much love,
K & Co.

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