Feeling Much Better Now

Well, we’ve had some sort of horrible bug around here. Friday Joe was puny, Saturday, he didn’t even want to go camping…he said that it would be okay if we did it another day, then, Saturday night into Sunday morning, it hit. He lost everything that had been in his stomach for two days…Sunday he was puny but perked up in the evening. He felt good enough to go to school Monday, but then…Chet tossed his cookies Monday night all night. We went to the pediatrician Tuesday a.m. (thanks Pop Pop for meeting us over there). Without him, I’d have had to go home in a puke ridden t-shirt. They said we have a stomach virus. They did a throat swab on Joe; the rapid results came back no strep…waiting on the 24 and 48 hour culture results. Today, we seem to be on the incline! Both boys weigh 29 pounds! So Joe-Joe has dropped some, but he’s been sick a bit. Hopefully, now we’ll get some weight back on him.
Keep on Keepin on,
K & co.

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