Doctors visit…today, tomorrow and Friday!

Arugh! Our little Joe-Joe was just getting better when on Saturday I realized he had a fever. Yesterday, he pretty much laid around on the couch all day. His fever got up to 103.6 last night, so I determined he needed to see the ped. She thinks he has a bladder infection. She did a ua on him and saw that he has some blood in his urine and an elevated white blood cell count in his urine as well. She prescribed an antibiotic for him to start and said she’d know more tomorrow. Last week when we thought Chet had the same stomach bug as everyone else around here, turns out, nope, he had salmonella…yes, you know, I’d been rubbing raw chicken on his bottles and feeding him raw eggs, but who would have guessed. I felt like a completely horrible mother! We are compulsive about hand washing, food washing, etc, so I don’t have a clue where it could have come from. Tomorrow we go back to the ped for Chet’s 2 year well check and then again on Friday for Joe’s 4 year well check. Hopefully, we’ll be done with the illnesses for a while…except…Brian called today and said he felt nauseated. Here we go again.

On a lighter note, the boys had great Birthdays! Tons of gifts; we look like toys-r-us around here.

I hope you are all happy, healthy and well.

Love to you all,
Kristi and the boys!

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