Tubes Tomorrow

Well, Tomorrow is the big day. We go in for tubes in Joe’s ears. We get to the surgery center at 9 a.m.; mind you it’s not a “real hospital” as Joe would say. His procedure is scheduled to start at 10 a.m. So, this should be a breeze compared to many other procedures Joe’s had done. Pop-pop and Nana are coming for a sleep over party tonight and will watch Chet while Brian and I take Joe. Granny will come “releive” them sometime before we get home. Honestly, I’m more worried about how Chet will do…he’s a mama’s boy for sure.

In other news, Joe’s speech pathologist is leaving his rehabilitation center, and I just found out that he’s getting a new Occupational Therapist next week too. For a boy who does notlike change, next week will be a biggie. Joe starts preschool just one hour Monday and Wednesday morning of next week. We’ll let you all know how it goes tomorrow.

For those of you checking in on us, will you please keep Brian’s cousin Scott in your prayers. Today, he’s having a procedure to check on the status of his bladder cancer. Scott is young (34 I think) and will begin chemo soon. Keep Scott, Jole (his wife) and Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Larry in your prayers and thoughts.

Much love,

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