We’ll be getting tubes replaced on August 22nd. Joe and Chet did amazingly well at the ENTs office. Joe has fluid in both ears but no infection. He had his hearing checked and there is some loss due to the fluid. But, when the audiologist put the microphone on the bone, she saw that there is no permanant damage. He was such a big boy and got the big kid test. They were able to see such a difference from a few months ago when he had his hearing tested and now that we decided tubes were our best option. The poor booger can’t hear a thing. They said it’s like walking around with your fingers stuck very far into your ears. Joe knows that he’s going to get tubes. He told the doctor, “no, it’s okay. I can hear fine.” But, after I explained that we weren’t going to get them THAT DAY, he was better.

We had a wonderful visit with my grandparents although we have no pictures to prove it. I forgot my camera. It was a lot of fun to watch the boys bond with Teda and Stocky.

Have a great day!

K & Co.

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