Tonight is prom night in our little town. Not gonna lie; it’s a little hard. Recognizing that it’s a little hard to see is all about ME. And that’s okay. I’m allowed. I won’t wallow. Instead, we’ll head to one of #Bigs favorite places on earth, his Grany’s. Maybe try to do some fishing.

End of year celebratory posts can be hard on the hearts of moms to kids who aren’t “typical.” It doesn’t mean we don’t celebrate for the kids experiencing these rites of passage. It doesn’t even mean we really want our kids to do these things, either. There’s a certain amount of comfort knowing my kid will be home rather than attending after parties where kids are drinking-and ultimately driving home.

My husband didn’t attend prom; shock of shocks…he doesn’t regret it. Lots of kids don’t entertain these rites of passage for lots of reasons. These are valid experiences too.

I’m honestly considering a parody anti-prom photo shoot. Anyone in?

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