Dear People of the Internet Who Discuss Politics

Dear People of the Internet who discuss politics,

First, let me say I congratulate you on caring about something other than The Bachelor or football. (I know those things are super imperative too!) Really, isn’t it great we live in a world where we can openly discuss our political ideals with one another? And disagree yet still call one another friend! It’s amazing. (This last sentence might have a tinge of sarcasm, but I haven’t decided yet.)

Let’s get to my main point of writing to you today. Please for the love of all things Holy, quit adding the suffix “tard” to any and everything you disagree with. This is neither original nor clever. For the first time today, I saw someone describe Bernie Sandars as “autistic.” This wasn’t meant as a compliment. Oh no. It was a slur.

While I have you. Let’s quit discussing our presidential hopefuls based on looks. Based on a group of lifelong politicians and yahoos (both sides), there is plenty of material here without going the tired, boring route of bashing someone based on looks.

I don’t care what your political leanings are. Well, I mean I care. I just don’t care-care, you know? I have friends and family who are so conservative, they make the most conservative conservatives look like Bernie Sandars. On the flip, I have friends and family who are so ultra liberal, they make Bernie Sandars look like Ronald Ragan. I’m all for informing yourselves. Truly. But let’s stop repeating the same tired drivel. 

When you’ve thought up something clever and witty for yourself and can speak (or type) like a civilized human being, you may join the rest of us at the grown-up table. 

Thanks Bunches,



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