Nourish Your Typical Child Too

About every six months or so, the neurotypical Wee One has a rapid decline in behavior.  This always gives me a whirlwind of doubt and guilt.  First, I begin to doubt his neurotypicality. Then, guilt sets in.  Finally, I remember it’s time for this.

We don’t do a lot of things well around our house, but I think we’re pretty fair parents. We keep things equal. We praise both of our kids. But you know, I do not have a FB page and a working children’s picture book called “The Neurotypical Wee One” do I?  
Last night the Wee One
 asked me to wake him up early for some am cuddle time.  We did that, and man can that kid cuddle; he still pats my back when he is hugging me, and his giant head still fits in the crook of my neck.
Today is a half day at school, so after lunch with daddy and Big Brudder, Wee One and I will settle in for a Doctor Who Marathon.  I think since it’s his day, I’ll fry up some bacon for dinner.
I have to remember it doesn’t take much, and it doesn’t take money to nourish the Wee Ones soul.