20 things I was fixin’ to do before school let out…

Cr@p in a basket.  It’s the last day of school.  Here’s 20 things I was fixin’ to do:

1.  Get my ladies check up.

2. Go to the dentist.

3.  Color my hair.

4.  Fold and hang all the laundry on the “guest bed”  aka folding table or as hubs calls it, the giver of socks.

5.  Clean closets.

6.  Clean the bathroom.

7.  Blog more.

8.  Finish my children’s’ book.

9.  Find an agent for said children’s book.

10.  Have lunch with my friends.

11.  Mop my floors.

12.  Clean off the coffee table.

13.  Go furniture shopping.

14.  Stock up on sunscreen.

15.  Stock up on snacks.

16.  Get our summer lessons ready.

17.  Loose thirty pounds.

18.  Shave my legs.

19.  Organize my pantry.

20.  Read a book.

I’ll totally get right on that checklist on August 25th.

I’ve totally got 2nd and 4th graders in my house.  Whoa.

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