Once Upon A Time…

There was this beautiful woman (hint. it’s me).  She had to hand out all these forms to her kids’ teachers to fill out for the developmental pediatrician.  Where these filled out forms supposed to be confidential?  Who knows.  Would you be able to hold that kind of goldmine and NOT look at it???  Anyway, THIS woman read the filled out forms and was so sad to find that one of her child’s teachers felt he was vindictive and manipulative. 

Fast forward this lovely fairy tale six months or so.  The woman was running five or so minutes late for getting her children deliverd to school.  She THOUGHT she needed to rush.  That’s when something beautiful happend.  A car (I’m not vindictive enough to give make, model and license plates here) got on the beautiful and kind woman’s (again, it’s me) bumper.  The beautiful, kind and witty (you get the drift.  it’s me!) woman got behind a garbage truck on garbage day.  When she glanced in her rear view mirror, what did she see?  The wicked witch who felt her perfectly imperfect child was manipulative and vindictive.  This gave the beautiful, kind, witty and charming woman the calm she needed to realize she wasn’t running THAT late.

In another stroke of good fortune this fine morning, the beautiful, kind, witty, charming and goddess like woman got stuck behind not one but TWO gravel trucks traveling significantly below the speed limit.  When glancing in her rearview mirror she noticed what looked like beams of fire imminating from the evil witches broom.  Nope.  She was just flashing her headlights.

With a sigh of content, the beautiful, kind, witty, charming, goddess like and now serene woman drops her eldest off with a smile seeing the wicked witch see her and know that it was her she was stuck behind.

Now, I leave you with this smile.  It’s the small things that make this girl feel good.

In all seriousness, I totally think this event helped me move on.  Weird, right?

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