Bocci ball, anyone?

So, last night b set up the play station move in the living room. As I’m doing dishes, I hear the boys laughing and all having a good time. B challenges me first to a game of disc golf…lets just say there was one element missing that must be the only reason disc golf is fun…not that I’ve ever played disc golf. Then, b challenges me to bocci ball. I changed my avatar because my avatar while playing disc golf threw herself on the ground and had a tantrum…seriously! Well, I ditched belle and selected Giselle. Giselle had on booty shorts (shear). With a thong
underneath…I think. Chet kept asking why she had a wedgie. B kept asking I’if I wanted to play another match. 😉

Then, at 4 am, big brudder woke with a headache. I gave him Advil and sent him back to bed. Didn’t take his temp or anything. Then, dentist and orthodontist. We get home this afternoon, guess who has fever…and an earache. Mother. Of. The. Year.

On the bright side, the expander is working nicely AND I’m getting some serious cuddles in!


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