Back to school blues?

Holy guacamole!?! Where has the summer gone? We go today to meet the eldest’s teacher; we’re meeting her and taking a tour of the school before meet the teacher tomorrow evening. Oh, we’ll do that one too. The young ‘uns meet the teacher is Thursday. I can’t believe yesterday they were babes, running around in nothing but a diaper, and today they are almost six and eight, starting kindergarten and second grade and running around in their…undies…hey, we live in Texas. It’s hot. They don’t like clothes. Don’t judge.

I’m sad. Happy. Excited. Nervous. Anxious. Proud. All these emotions jumbled into one big ball of a mama. I don’t know if I need to take the child’s teacher a dozen roses, a six pack of beer and a condolence card for having to put up with this helicopter mama. I’m trying, you see, to let the boy fly independently (some). My goal for this year, as a helicopter mama, is to hover just out of sight…keep my radar up but give the boy some room to stretch his own, wonderful, beautiful, fabulous puzzle piece wings.


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