not what i was planning…

no! it’s not THAT! or THAT! the eldest’s craniofacial doctor and orthodontist had a telephone conference on tuesday. i had expected a phone call from the orthodontist telling me we needed to schedule extractions in order to move forward with palate expansion. instead, i got a call from the cranio office saying the surgeon wanted to schedule an appointment to discuss surgery. i was all like “okay.” later, i was all like, “what?” the orthodontist’s office phone was out all afternoon tuesday. when i spoke with them yesterday, the AWESOME patient doctor liaison said that both doctors agree that the proper course of action for the boy is to do bone grafting first, extractions and expansion later. okay. it’s just that for the last seven and a half years, i’ve been told things would go in this order: lip repair, palate repair, lip/nose revision, palate expansion, bone graft, orthodontics, septum repair/cosmetic touch ups. i know this by heart. now, they’ve gone and thrown a wrench in my mental plan. after tuesday’s appointment, i’ll be able to make a new “plan.” i’ll feel better. i’m a woman who needs a plan. until then, i will google, research and otherwise occupy my brain. my hope is that we can get this done with plenty of time for healing before second grade begins! hope you are all happy, healthy and generally swell! k

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